Amp is an integrated advertising agency in London that gives their clients an unfair advantage through creative campaigns above, below and through the line.

At Amp I worked on campaign concepts with an Art Director or directly with my Creative Director, and was responsible for writing all client copy - including web copy, Tone of Voice Guidelines, marketing materials and more.



Fly Yourself Sunny

Thomas Cook Airlines needed an uplifting campaign to launch three brand new destinations - Cape Town, Barbados and Tobago. 

They also wanted to persuade the British public to choose one of these destinations for a reasonably priced Winter Getaway.


Little Lifts

Thomas Cook Airlines wanted a new brand positioning that would set them apart from the market and attract passengers through emotion rather than price.

Our new positioning of 'The Uplifting Airline' was brought to life with a series of happy 'little lifts'.


The Workspace Advantage

In a city and a market where non-traditional office spaces were becoming more and more popular, Workspace needed a campaign that could set them apart from their competitors.

Combining their USPs into a distinct campaign concept, we created The Workspace Advantage.