House of Cards Season 5


The Brief

With Netflix having finally arrived in the Middle East, people assumed their flagship show would move back home, having previously been on OSN.

However OSN still owned the rights, and with no love lost between the two networks, they wanted a campaign that left the public in doubt about where they could watch the upcoming new season.


The Insight

House of Cards' leading character, Frank Underwood, was known for his underhanded political tactics and determination to do whatever it took to achieve his goals - and anyone who had seen the first four seasons of the show would know this.

So if we needed a bold campaign that told people the show was seceding from its home, the best way to do it would be to turn it into a daring political move, decreed by the man himself.


The Idea

Independence Day was exactly the kind of thing Frank Underwood would do on the show - now brought to life in the real world. A Presidential decree cutting all ties with Netflix. In true Frank Underwood style, it was a move designed to reap personal gain, disguised as an act of patriotism. 

Using Frank's own quotes from the show, we teased the audience with what was to come, before launching a multimedia campaign for House of Cards' independence from Netflix, as it made its home exclusively on OSN. This culminated in a live Facebook event where fans could come and watch the new season on opening night.