Talent Cupboard


Talent Cupboard is an online creative crowdsourcing platform that gives young creatives the chance to work on live, paid briefs.

The platform is owned by integrated marketing agency, BURN. After impressing the the owners of the platform with my ideas and proactivity, BURN invited me for an internship and then subsequently offered me a job as Junior Copywriter.

The work that got their attention was for Upad - an online Estate Agency.


The Brief

Upad wanted ad ideas to use in high foot-traffic areas of London, aimed at targeting university students.

They wanted to tell the student population that they all could all save money on Upad, and specifically wanted to use clever copy, citing the famous ads for The Economist as creative inspiration.


The Insights

Writing the ads in the form of exam questions would make them instantly recognisable and relatable to students. And adding a pinch of wit and humour would go a long way to making the ads more trustworthy, because everybody hates Estate Agents.


The Ideas

I created a series of ads written in the style of exam questions, each which presented Upad as the answer.

I also wrote a little fictional history of Estate Agents, just for fun.