Team Darwin


Team Darwin is a creative crowdsourcing platform based in the UK. 

In my spare time, I like to tackle briefs on platforms like this one, as it keeps my mind sharp, gives me a little creative freedom and affords me the opportunity to work on different brands in different countries. 


Pancreatic Cancer Action

With a live brief lasting just a single weekend, Pancreatic Cancer Action asked for a poster idea with a high-impact headline, to follow on from their successful ‘I wish I had breast cancer’ campaign.

It needed to have the potential to work across multiple media formats and use Twitter to raise public awareness of NICE’s decision not to make a revolutionary new drug available with the NHS. My winning idea used the organisation's own cost-saving logic against them, by focusing on the true human cost of their decision.


Digital Film Gifting

Two thirds of annual DVD sales are made in the run up to Christmas because they make great stocking fillers.

But as the market becomes increasingly digital, how do you make receiving a digital film or opening an envelope with a voucher in it, as exciting as tearing open a present?

My winning solution was a line of Christmas tree baubles, in which you could place the vouchers.